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Being sustainable doesn't mean having to change your taste and have to buy used clothes. Rocherri believes in optimizing longevity and quality: Both in terms of style and wear. We're not yet another fast fashion company who mimics trends and underpays factory workers.

 We want change in the ridiculous cheapskate, blind-to-damage consumer culture.

You came here for a reason. You want to shop sustainable, but aren't really a thrift store type person. You want your clothes to reflect your own inner quality.

Welcome home.

Beautiful Nature


Currently, the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry to our world, second only to the oil industry. One of the biggest reasons for this is overproduction. So many fashion giants overproduce unnecessarily just to stay in stock, while our landfills are filled with garments that aren't even worn once.

To overcome overproduction, we:


1) Provide long-lasting, high-quality clothing instead of single-use, fading quality. 

2) Use revolutionary print-on demand technology which allows us to custom produce every single order. That's right —each order is produced promptly just for you after you place the order!

The market is filled with low quality, low effort, meh designs and materials. Don't just sink into a corrupting system. Be the change. Be the revolution. Be a #fashionrevolt !


To raise a generation not blind to the damage caused to our children's earth by past generations. Creating a community that provides an exemplary repute by prioritizing the human factor.

In 2021, fashion industry has a disgraceful undertone, due to the activities of the nondescript, short-sighted, déclassé fast fashion.

 We all know something's wrong. We all feel weird and embarrassed about it. This is an opportunity to do something about it. You don't have to be passive about what disturbs your peace. You can be a part of something bigger.

A bold vision, a worthy cause, a subtle yet valiant statement.


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